Protein Identifiation

We analyse proteins both in gel and from solution.  Solution samples should be 10ul of 10uM and detergent free.  Gels should be stained (coomassie, silver or sypro) and destained.  The samples are reduced, alkylated and digested (trypsin as standard).  The resulting peptides are analysed by either MALDI MS & MSMS or by nLC ESI MS& MSMS.  The spectra are searches against NCBI, Swissprot or our internal database using Mascot.  The mascot server is accessed  here. MASCOT SERVER

Intact Protein Mass

We measure the intact mass of proteins by LCMS.  20ul of 20uM sample is required in a detergent free buffer.  Samples are bound to a C4 column, washed free of salts, and eluted directly into the MS.  The charged ion series is deconvoluted using Waters MaxEnt algorithm.

Quantitative Proteomics

We are experienced in SWATH and iTRAQ relative quantitation.  Please contact us for further information.