In-solution digestion SP3 beads

Manjula Nagala
Sunday 29 September 2019

In-solution digestion method is usually a method of choice for comparative proteomic studies. Compared to in-solution digestion, in-gel digestion can be more complicated as it usually involves dicing of gel slices, extensive washing/destaining, and peptide extraction after digestion. These multiple steps may increase the variability and render in-gel digestion less reproducible than in-solution digestion. In solution digestionSP3 beads method using sp3 bead (single-pot solid-phase-enhanced sample preparation),  is a technique for sample

preparation in a single tube, an approach that aim at minimizing sample losses by simplifying the proteomic sample preparation  workflow. Note:Sample preparation steps differs based on the complexity and chemistry of the sample.  In this website we provide few protocols, however please discuss with our staff to make the right choice for your sample.