ThermoScientific Orbitrap Fusion Lumos with Ultimate 3000 Nano LC and Vanquish standard LC

Orbitrap Tribrid instrument which can be set up with either nano LC or standard flow LC. Equiped with CID, HCD and ETD.  Used for SILAC, TMT, LFQ, analysis of complex mixtures and PTM identification.


Sciex TripleTOF 5600+ with Eksigent 2D Ultra Nano LC

QTOF instrument set up with nano LC.  Capable of MS and MSMS.  Predominantly used for protein identification in both complex and non complex samples, post-translational modification identification, labelled quantitiation (iTRAQ) and label free quantitation (SWATH/DIA)

Waters Xevo G2TOF
TOF system set up with standard flow.  Exclusively used for intact protein mass measurement

Sciex 4800 MALDI MS and MSMS

MALDI instrument with MS and MSMS capabilities.  Used for single protein identification, intact protein measurements, DNA and RNA analysis and polymer analysis.  Provides complementary ionisation to ESI.


ThermoScientific LCQ Fleet instrument with Ultimate 3000 LC

Ion trap style instrument with standard flow LC.  Capable of MSn.  Used for LCMS applications, mostly in the small molecule range.